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Re: [802SEC] Bill Lidinsky

Bob -

I am having the same response (or lack thereof) from his old contact 
addresses.  You might try as an alternative, but I 
haven't had any response there either.  Let me know if you catch up with 
him ;-)


At 15:47 18/04/2001 -0700, you wrote:

>Emails from the SEC reflector to Bill Lidinsky have been bouncing.  His
>address on the list is, which he has apparently forwarded
>to  The address returns "user unknown".  I tried
>calling the number listed for him in the contact list.  It is now answered
>by someone else.
>Does anyone have more current contact information for Bill?  If not, I will
>delete him from the reflector and remove his contact information from our
>  -Bob
>Bob O'Hara
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