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[802SEC] Update - Will Close 1June2001: +++ SEC Motion to Forward P802.16.2/D3-2001 to RevCom (June-2001)


Bob Grow -
Bob O'Hara- Approve
Paul Nikolich - Approve
Buzz Rigsbee -
Vic Hayes - Approve
Tony Jeffree - Approve
Geoff Thompson -
Stuart Kerry - Approve
Bob Heile -
Roger Marks - Approve
Mike Takefman - Approve
Jim Carlo - Chair

Issue Date: 8May2001 Closing Date: 1Jun2001
Moved By: Roger Marks  Seconded By:
Move: Approve Forwarding to RevCom: P802.16.2/D3-2001 ("Recommended Practice
for Coexistence of Fixed Broadband Wireless Access Systems")

1) Sponsor Ballot of the draft was completed on 16 May 2001 following two
recirculations. The final voting results were:

Group Size       30
Approve          25
Disapprove        0
Abstain	      4
Not Voting        1
Approval Ratio  100%
Return Ratio     96%
Abstain Ratio    13%

No Disapprove votes were received at any stage of Sponsor Ballot. The only
change from the initial to the final results was a single individual moving
from the "Not Voting" category to the "Approve" category.

The recirculations were carried out in order to consider substantive changes
made as a result of comments received. In the final recirculation round, we
received no comments of any kind and no
changes of vote.

With Jim Carlo approval, I have already submitted an application to RevCom,
and the issue has been placed on RevCom's 13 June 2001 agenda. RevCom was
given the identical draft that was subject to the final recirculation. The
complete RevCom application is at:


Today, in the Closing Plenary of its interim session, IEEE 802.16 adopted a
motion "to submit P802.16.2/D3-2001 to 802 SEC for approval of submission to
RevCom." The motion carried 19-0-1.

I'd like to thank Howard Frazier for his help and advice in guiding me
through the process for the first time.