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[802SEC] Process for IEEE 802 Chair Election

Here is what I propose (based on the last chair election):

Nominations for the position of 802 Chair will open beginning at the Friday,
July 2001 Executive Committee meeting. Nominations may be made by any 802
Executive Committee member at any time and do not require a Second.
Nominations will remain open through the nominations agenda item at the
Monday Executive Committee meeting at the 802 November, 2001, Plenary.
Individuals interested in
standing for 802 Chair should contact the Executive Committee member of
their choice and ask to be placed in nomination.  If you choose to run, you
are urged to have your name placed in nomination as early as possible so
that your Nomination can be made and your credentials circulated on the 802
Executive Committee e-mail reflector to Executive Committee members and in
turn by the Working Group Chairs to their members.

I would also like to talk to any candidates directly to inform them better
on what the job entails.

Nomination by an Executive Committee member is not necessarily an indication
of support; however Executive Committee members making nominations are
expected to ensure that the candidate(s) they nominate are fully aware of
the scope and nature of the responsibilities of the position.  It is proper
and appropriate for one Executive Committee member to nominate more than one
candidate if so requested.

If only one candidate is nominated then the Executive Committee may move to
affirm that person at the Monday, November-2001 Executive Committee meeting.
Otherwise, the election of the new LMSC Chair will occur by ballot of the
Executive Committee at the Thursday Executive Committee meeting as the first
item of Old Business. If multiple candidates stand for LMSC Chair then there
will be an opportunity for LMSC members to meet the candidates during one of
the Tuesday evening tutorial slots.  This is intended to allow for 802
members to form opinions about the candidates so they may make an informed
preference known to their Working Group Chair and other Executive Committee
members prior to the Thursday evening Executive Committee meeting.

The new LMSC Chair will assume the responsibilities of that office at the
close of the November  Plenary, contingent upon affirmation by the Computer
Society Standards Activities Board.  I suggest that the term of office
commitment run through the March, 2004, LMSC Plenary meeting, although
technically the LMSC Chair will need to be re-elected in March 2002.	The
Computer Society SAB formally must affirm the IEEE 802 Chair.

The positions of Vice-Chair and other SEC appointed positions by the SEC
chair, will be appointed by the new Chair and affirmed by the SEC at the
March, 2002 Friday Plenary meeting.  Current appointed positions are valid
through the end of the March 2002 Plenary meeting.

Jim Carlo ( Cellular:1-214-693-1776
TI Fellow, Networking Standards at Texas Instruments
Vice Chair, IEEE-SA Standards Board
Chair, IEEE802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee