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Re: [802SEC] Feel Alone

See inserted replies below.  Thanks for your interest and we hope you'll
consider becoming the next $1000 contributor.


                    "Roger B.                                                                                 
                    Marks"               To:     "IEEE802" <>                            
                    <r.b.marks@ie        cc:     "Jerry Walker" <>                         
          >              Subject:     Re: [802SEC] Feel Alone                                 
                    10:50 AM                                                                                  

At 8:44 AM -0500 01/07/25, Jim Carlo wrote:
>I looked at the WEB page after returning from camping,
> and note that I am alone in the list
>of Platinum Contributors. Hopefully a few of you will add your names to
>list. Contact Jerry.

Wondering why Mr. Carlo is lonely, I took a look.

(1) What is an individual Platinum-Level Sponsor? I only see
Platinum-Level defined as a $100K donor. If this is the minimum, Mr.
Carlo may continue to feel alone for some time.

Mr. Carlo is a contributor.  IEEE 802 is the platinum sponor

(2) On the page "How to support Get IEEE 802(TM)", the text says to
return the letter of intent "in the provided business reply
envelope". My browser didn't provide such an envelope. I think some
editing is in order. Obviously, this material was recycled from a
postal-mail solicitation (which, apparently, was unsuccessful).

You're right.  I will revise the letter.  There is no envelop.

(3) The cover letter, from Judy Gorman and Jim Carlo, refers five
times to the "wireless industry" while making no reference to any
other of industry. For reference, I quote from the opening of the two
paragraphs that describe 802:

"The IEEE 802 concept of standardized rapid and interoperable
communications is in wide demand in the wireless industry. By 2003,
the industry is expected to reach $3.3 billion in revenues. Since
this family of standards continues to be developed and widely adopted
internationally, the global wireless industry faces a major

"The IEEE-SA is uniquely positioned to foster mutually beneficial
cooperation among the wireless industry parties to rapidly deliver
individual IEEE 802 standards that will facilitate wireless products
and services..."

Essentially the same material is used under the heading "Description"
in both the "Letter of Intent BUSINESS EXPENSE" and "Letter of Intent

Th implication is that only the wireless industry is being solicited
for funds. This is completed unbalanced. We shouldn't act as if the
wired networking industry is negligible or too broke to pay its fair
share too. This kind of thing exacerbates strains between the
wireless and wired segments of 802 and makes it harder to unite us.
And soliciting from only one side can make it very difficult to get
funds from either side.

I/we would welcome revised language from you.  This is the letter that was
reviewed by the SEC committee that worked diligently with me to put the
program together.