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[802SEC] motion to forward P802.16/D4-2001 for Sponsor Ballot


In July, the 802 SEC granted "Conditional Approval" to forward 
P802.16/D4-2001 to Sponsor Ballot upon completion of Confirmation 
Ballot #3b. The ballot concluded yesterday. The outcome is documented 
in these two reports:

*IEEE P802.16 Confirmation Ballot #3b Comment Resolution Report
IEEE 802.16-01/42 <>
In brief:
Two comments were received in the Confirmation Ballot.
-One was nonbinding (the vote is Approve). Comment was outside scope; 
it was on a topic not subject to recirc.
-One was binding (balloter went from Approve to Disapprove). The 
comment was a duplicate of an earlier comment, with no new technical 
content to justify a further recirculation. The comment says that an 
option for narrow-band operation should be included since some 
countries have allocated narrow bands at 10.5 GHz and the standard is 
supposed to cover 10-66 GHz. The resolution basically says that, 
while the standard will work fine down to 10 GHz, it was not designed 
for narrow band operation; for narrow bands at 10.5 GHz, the upcoming 
802.16a standard, which covers 2-11 GHz and assumes narrower 
channels, will be more appropriate. [That's why we defined 802.16a 
from 2-11 GHz instead of 2-10 GHz, allowing an overlap].

*IEEE P802.16 Confirmation Ballot #3b Voting Report
IEEE 802.16-01/43 <>
In brief:
-Approve 75/Disapprove 10 (88.2% Approval)
-Abstain 8
-Return ratio 93/124 = 75%

[One Disapprove voter declared in an email prior to Confirmation 
Ballot #3b that he was satisfied with the resolution of his comments 
and intended to vote Approve; however, since he failed to cast a 
ballot, I continue to count him as Disapprove.]

Following the Confirmation Ballot, Working Group Letter Ballot #3 was 
declared to have concluded successfully. However, 802.16 is not 
authorized to continue to Sponsor Ballot because one of the 
stipulated approval conditions (no new Disapprove votes) was not met.

Therefore, with Letter Ballot #3 complete but lacking authorization 
to forward it for Sponsor Ballot, I must come back to the SEC for 
such authorization. I would therefore like to place the following 
motion before the SEC for an email ballot: "To forward 
P802.16/D4-2001 for Sponsor Ballot". Bob O'Hara seconds the motion.

I respectfully request that the email ballot close by noon Eastern 
time on Friday August 10. This would give us an opportunity to launch 
Sponsor Ballot on Friday afternoon and thereby have it close hours 
before our September meeting begins.

Dr. Roger B. Marks  <>
Chair, IEEE 802.16 WG on Broadband Wireless Access <>
phone: +1 303 497 3037  fax: +1 303 497 7828