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Re: [802SEC] Liaison statement to ETSI Project BRAN


My understanding is that this letter should come from Jim. Procedure 
3 of the rules says "All communications by IEEE 802 with external 
standards bodies shall be issued by the LMSC Chair and shall be 
copied to the SEC."

I've suggested some editorial changes. I think we need to do 
something with the phase ("and 802.15??"). I suggest deleting it.


At 11:35 AM +0200 01/08/13, Hayes, Vic (Vic wrote:
>Dear SEC,
>At the July Friday SEC meeting we approved the liaison statement to EP BRAN
>with the note that I ought to add the way EP BRAN can liaise with IEEE 802
>on regulatory matters.
>Here is my last draft, ready for submission.
>Regards <<11-01-468r1-DRAFT-R-Response-to-BRAN24d129r1.doc>>
>Vic Hayes
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