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Re: [802SEC] Standards CD-ROM

Only for the stuff that has been in print for less than 6 months

Presumably that would also make it less interesting at the 2nd and 3rd meeting

On the other hand it is VERY popular and it gives folks something that can 
wave around in their hand.

I think what we should do at this point is:

         1) Determine what the content would be for a new CD in November
         2) Determine what items on the CD will be available from 
GetIEEE802 at the time of the meeting.
         3) Do a mail ballot by the Exec as to whether or not to do it this 

(WG Chairs may wish to survey their participants at the interim meetings)


At 09:57 AM 8/21/01 -0700, Bob O'Hara wrote:

>With the Get IEEE 802 program, is it still necessary and/or desirable to
>produce the 802 standards CD-ROM each year?
>  -Bob
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