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RE: [802SEC] Standards CD-ROM

Last year's cost must be buried in an invoice from Face to Face.  My
recollection is that productions costs were about $2.5k.  I would expect the
costs to be somewhat higher this year because of increased number of

--Bob Grow

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Bob, et al,

Personally, I do not want to download stuff from GETIEEE and keep in on my 
hard drive. I like the CD ROM and would prefer that we keep it around.
I will ask my members at our september meeting if they want to keep the
CD program alive.

What is the cost of the CD program?


> At 09:57 AM 8/21/01 -0700, Bob O'Hara wrote:
> >With the Get IEEE 802 program, is it still necessary and/or desirable to
> >produce the 802 standards CD-ROM each year?
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> >  -Bob
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