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Re: [802SEC] Annual Report for IEEE 802


(1) Please change:

(30SEP2001 - 1OCT2000)


(30SEP2000 - 1OCT2001)

in many places.

(2) This sentence:

In May 2001, all IEEE 802 standards that were published within the 
last six months were made available on the IEEE WEB site as part of 
the Get IEEE 802 program.

has an error. I suggest:

Beginning May 2001, all IEEE 802 standards at least six months past 
their publication date are available on the IEEE web site as part of 
the Get IEEE 802 program <>.

(3) Under highlights, I suggest replacing the first paragraph:

Initiated Get IEEE 802  which permitted free on-line download of all 
IEEE 802 standards six months after publishing. IEEE 802 individuals 
contribute to the financial success of this program.


Initiated Get IEEE 802 program, which permits free download of all 
IEEE 802 standards beginning six months after publication. IEEE 802 
participants support this program financially by transfer of a 
portion of the Plenary meeting registration fee to the IEEE-SA.

(4) Under highlights, please change:

IEEE 802.16 Broadband Wireless Access Networks (BWA) completed 
standardization of Recommended Practice for Coexistance of Fixed 
Wireless System with initial project now in sponsor ballot.


IEEE 802.16 (Broadband Wireless Access (BWA)) completed and published 
IEEE Std 802.16.2-2001 ("Coexistence of Fixed Broadband Wireless 
Access Systems"). The P802.16 air interface draft is in sponsor 
ballot recirculation.

(5) Under New Standards Projects Completed, please change 802.16.2 to:

802.16.2 (C/LM) IEEE Recommended Practice for Local and metropolitan 
area networks - Coexistence of Fixed Broadband Wireless Access Systems

(6) Under new PARs, please change 802.16.1b to 802.16b.



At 1:49 PM -0500 01/09/30, Jim Carlo wrote:
>Draft annual report attached below. If you have any changes (these are
>always welcome and specific suggestions will be incorporated), let me know
>by 4Oct2001, so I can send to Computer Society in time.