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RE: [802SEC] Fwd: Re: IEEE Standards Complimentary Copies

Bob O'Hara, let's add this as an agenda item to Monday's SEC meeting. What I cannot determine from the note below, is whether any WG's have been receiving their copies or not? I'd appreciate for each WG chair to understand whether his members have received hard copies over the past two years.
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Sent: Friday, October 05, 2001 1:50 PM
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Subject: RE: [802SEC] Fwd: Re: IEEE Standards Complimentary Copies

I think an Executive Committee response is appropriate.
A complementary electronic copy is a rather absurd offer for reparing a fast degenerating contributor recognition program.  A .pdf is obviously of no value for a document that is now available through Get IEEE 802.  While it would have minimal value for those documents not yet available through Get IEEE 802, it is not equlivent to a hard copy.  It is ironic that the value of an electronic the vanity value Geoff mentions, I also find it very useful in my continued work on standards.  While we all appreciate the .pdf when traveling or when doing an electronic search of a term, there are some tasks where a hard copy is the better tool.  Unless IEEE stops publishing hard copies, I believe the hard copy should be presented to the developers of the standard.
--Bob Grow
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Subject: [802SEC] Fwd: Re: IEEE Standards Complimentary Copies


I fail to see that this is of any significant value to 802 given:
        1) The 802 CD Program
        2) The "Get IEEE 802(tm)" program
        3) All of the discussion that we have had that the complimentary copies were vanity copies to show colleagues and grandchildren and that a pdf didn't really cut it.

Do we wish to generate a collective response on this?


From: Geoff Thompson <>
Subject: Re: IEEE Standards Complimentary Copies
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At 11:02 AM 10/5/01 -0400, wrote:
This message is being sent out on behalf of Ms. Yvette Ho Sang.

Dear Working Group Chairs:

It has been brought to our attention that, because of errors made during a
transition of inventory by the IEEE, complimentary copies to working group
members for standards published within the last two years may not have been
delivered. We have worked to correct the process and do not anticipate any
further problems.  Now, we want to rectify the oversights of the past.

The IEEE Standards Activities Department recognizes and appreciates the
time and effort dedicated to the development of IEEE Standards by our
volunteers. Therefore, we would like to offer an electronic copy to members
of working groups who did not receive their complimentary copy. Each
working group chair is asked to supply a list of members who have been
affected, along with their email addresses, so that an electronic copy can
be delivered. The lists should be sent to the Associate Editor, Michelle
Turner (, via email.

We apologize for the delay in delivery and appreciate your understanding.


Yvette  Ho Sang
Manager, Standards Publishing Programs
IEEE Standards Activities
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