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[802SEC] Response to 802.16 from 802.3ah

Roger, and fellow members of the SEC,

attached please find a letter from 802.3ah in response to a 
communication that we received from 802.16.  The response was
approved by voice vote at our interim meeting in Los Angeles
on October 19th.  At the time we drafted the letter, we were
not aware of the planned tutorial on the 802.16 MAC during
the meeting in Austin, so I modified the last paragraph of
the letter to indicate that I will encourage the membership
of 802.3ah to attend the tutorial.  

As adopted by 802.3ah, the letter had suggested that a representative
from 802.16 come to our meeting in Austin and provide a half
hour overview of the 802.16 MAC.  I think that the tutorial is
a much better idea, and that 802.3ah supports the letter as I
am sending it to you.  So, plan on having lots of EFMers at your


                                                    October 23, 2001

Dr.Roger B Marks
325 Broadway,MC 813.00
Boulder,CO 80303
USA Tel:+1 303 497 3037
Fax:+1 303 497 7828

Dear Roger:

Thank you for your letter of 10 September, 2001.

P802.3ah would be pleased if you would make your drafts available to our
group for information and review. We feel that the easiest way to
accomplish this would be the same sort of mechanism as that used for
liaisons to 802.1 from other Working Groups. The login and password is
provided to the liaising group. Any who actually wish to provide comments
during your balloting process will have their comments considered as
Observer comments. Additionally, this will provide our members with the
opportunity to examine your drafts before they are approved (+ 9 months).

We appreciate your offer to allow us to consider your solutions to problems
that you consider to be similar to those for EFM PON. In light of your recent 
request for an evening tutorial slot in Austin on the features and functions 
of the 802.16 MAC, I would be happy to encourage the P802.3ah membership to 
attend this tutorial, and thus make best use of the available meeting time.

Thank you for your continued interest in our work.


Howard Frazier Jr.
Chairman, P802.3ah
Dominet Systems
280 E. Gish Road
San Jose CA  95112

Phone: 408 437 9552
FAX:     408 437 9556