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Re: [802SEC] CD ROM

I vote for number 1
Therefore I am voting NO on the motion.

I believe that the proposal is well beyond our agreement with the IEEE.


At 05:15 PM 10/30/01 -0600, Jim Carlo wrote:

>I received a note from Buzz and Paul that IEEE had OK'd the CD Rom to go to
>all attendees of the 802 meeting, if we want.
>What I remember, is that during original discussions on the CD Rom, we
>wanted this to go to only the 802 voting members. This way it would be a
>reward for their hard work, rather than a registration reward.
>I'd like some comments. We have two options:
>1) Distribute the CD Rom on Wednesday, as we have in the past, to voting
>members only. This is what our rules say.
>2) Expand the CD Rom distribution to all registrants and hand out in the
>Registration material.
>If there is general agreement on option 2), I'll take a quick EMAIL SEC
>ballot to provide CD Roms over our rules.
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