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[802SEC] Re: What's New @ IEEE in Wireless, November 2001

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Sent: Sunday, December 02, 2001 5:59 PM
Subject: What's New @ IEEE in Wireless, November 2001

Hi Jim,
First, on behalf of the IEEE, please accept our apologies. This news item
was not run by Standards staff prior to its inclusion in the Wireless
What's News. Many editors of the What's News vehicles scan and pick up news
items (like the one in CNet) to beef up the info in their respective
newsletters--leveraging the high level of exposure that some out our 802
standards projects are getting these days. We do not advocate this, since
we are especially sensitive to incorrect and mis-positioned news regarding
the IEEE's standards work, etc. and are working hard to rectify that

Please be assured, we are diligently following up on this particular issue,
as well as the larger issue at hand, with the respective What's News
editors.  We are requiring that all news items regarding standards be
reviewed by staff and the respective standards group's interested parties.
We further are discouraging the "picking up" of stories from news sources
and strongly encouraging that they use/depend upon the new IEEE 802 e-news


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fyi. I guess it is one thing for commercial press to get the fact wrong. It
is another thing for IEEE press to get the facts wrong - there is no

Jim Carlo ( Phone:1-214-853-5274 Fax:1214-853-5274
Vice Chair, IEEE-SA Standards Board
Chair, IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee

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Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2001 5:08 PM
Subject: [802SEC] Re: What's New @ IEEE in Wireless, November 2001

During a meeting in Austin, we discussed the fact that people in the
IEEE staff but outside the IEEE-SA often misunderstand critical
issues regarding IEEE standards.

Here is an example of something I received yesterday in the "WHAT'S
NEW @ IEEE IN WIRELESS" newsletter:

>the new 802.11g standard is a boost for wireless networking and a step
>toward higher wireless Internet speeds.

I don't think that 802.11 is representing 802.11g as a "tentatively
approved standard". It's hard to control the press, but it's
definitely more difficult to get the point across accurately when
people at IEEE echo it indiscriminately.

How about a discussion at the Standards Board about an IEEE policy
that IEEE news publications should confirm stories about IEEE
standards prior to publication?


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>1. Can Wireless Short Messaging Make it Big in the U.S.?
>2. Wireless Local Area and Home Networks Featured in IEEE Communications
>3. FCC to Ease Airwave Restrictions
>4. Nuclear Power: An IEEE Spectrum Special Report
>5. Wireless Networking Conference Comes to Orlando
>6. Citation Study: IEEE Publishes Nine of Top 10 Engineering Journals
>7. IEEE Standard 802.11b Wins Killer App Award
>8. IEEE Assists Members in Job Search
>9. Remote Meetings: Being There Without Going Anywhere
>10. Noted Networking Author Releases New Wireless Resource
>11. IEEE Election Results: Michael J. Adler 2002 President-Elect
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