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Re: [802SEC] BOG Items of Interest to 802

This gets interesting.  I now have opposing directions from two

802.3 directed me to vote against approval of Std 802 with clause 5 removed.

The BoG directed me to vote for approval of Std 802 with clause 5 removed.

Considering the relative size of the 802.3 WG vs the BorG, I am more worried
about being beat up by dot3, so I will follow their direction.



Jim Carlo wrote:
> 1) Std 802 came up on the agenda and was handled in executive session (I
> could not attend), although I was given the opportunity to reiterate the 802
> concerns and position to the BOG. The BOG affirmed that the standard could
> not be published with Clause 5 due to legal opinion. The BOG made a
> resolution (I don't have exact copy) to direct the Standards Board to
> approve the Recirculation of the standard. There will also be a discussion
> from Karen Rupp on the Trademark plans of the IEEE-SA standard board meeting
> next week so this will be a chance to understand better motivations. I also
> think the QA on certification in prior emails is part of this. Jerry Walker
> is still looking for participants on his small group discussing this issue.
> 2) Concern over lack of any corporate funding or donations on Get802
> program. Karen Rupp and Ben Johnson would like to meet with any members of
> 802 at the StdBd meeting. Proposed Wed early morning or noon (depends on
> Howard/Geoff RevCom meeting).
> 3) Tony Jeffree elected chair of the RAC for three year term. Geoff Thompson
> was thanked for his three years of past service as chair of the RAC.
> 3) Jim Carlo elected Standards Board Chair for 2002 (this will put me on the
> BOG). I have also agreed to run for IEEE-SA BOG President in 2002 (to serve
> in 2004).
> Jim Carlo ( Phone:1-214-853-5274 Fax:1214-853-5274
> Vice Chair, IEEE-SA Standards Board
> Chair, IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee