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[802SEC] let's sell the approved 802.16 draft

Title: let's sell the approved 802.16 draft

Following the approval of 802.16, IEEE-SA put a press release both at the top of its own site and on Business Wire <>. The release has been picked up widely and is now repeated on many web sites.

In order to help sell the draft, the press release includes the URL to the 802.16 publication list <>.

Unfortunately, this won't help to sell drafts, because the URLs to the product (both PDF and softcover) now both return the message "Product No Longer Available."

I have searched the IEEE Catalog in many different ways but have found no sign of the draft.

Can you look into this and tell me why the draft is longer available? Is it a policy to remove drafts from the catalog once approved? If so, I would recommend a different policy. I request that, since we have advertised the product widely, we put it back in the catalog.




Thanks for getting the IEEE 802.16 press release onto the IEEE-SA front page:

While I knew that IEEE had trademarked "WirelessMAN", I was surprised to find the trademark symbol attached to "802.16" (in 12 places). I'd like to better understand exactly what the trademark covers. I'm a little confused by the press release's statement that "IEEE Std 802.16, WirelessMAN is a trademark of the IEEE." Exactly what term is trademarked?

[By the way, I didn't find "802.16" on the USPTO site <>. (I did, however, find "802" registered to IEEE for "pamphlets of standards and specifications for local and metropolitan area networks", to Wayne Gretzky for hockey equipment, and to the Bose Corporation for loudspeakers).]

I would like to voice an objection to one particular use of the trademark symbol in the press release: the reference to our previously-published standard as "IEEE Standard 802.16.2". I request that you reconsider this use of the trademark symbol inside a standard number. I hope that, if you agree with me, you will correct the version on the web.

Thanks for all your help in getting the press release out.