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RE: [802SEC] +++ SEC EMAIL BALLOT 020302 on an IEEE802 communication to ETSI-BRAN+++

I vote to approve this motion, provided the following question is resolved.
On slide 14 there is a title, but no content.  Is this correct?


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From: Paul Nikolich [] 
Sent: Sunday, February 03, 2002 5:46 AM
To: 'IEEE802'
Cc: 'Hayes, Vic (Vic)'; 'Nikolich, Paul'; 'Marks, Roger B.'; 'Stevenson,
Carl R (Carl)'; 'Kasslin, Mika Nokia'
Subject: [802SEC] +++ SEC EMAIL BALLOT 020302 on an IEEE802 communication to


Below is a motion moved by Vic Hayes and Seconded by Roger Marks.  Please
cast your vote as soon as possible, as we would like to close this ballot
before the start of the ETSI meeting if possible.

Please send your ballot and comments to the SEC mailing list and copy me
directly ( as well.


--Paul Nikolich, Chair 802

Issue date: 03Feb2002 9AMEST Closing Date: 13Feb2002 9AMEST
Moved By: Vic Hayes
Second By: Roger Marks
Move: to submit document RR-02-018 and RR-02-018A as
Liaison statement to ETSI-BRAN, copy to MMAC.

ETSI-BRAN and MMAC are the European and Japanese
standards bodies for Wireless LAN. We maintain a
cooperative liaison to obtain spectrum for our devices.

Those documents contain valuable information of IEEE 802
approved and potential wireless standards for the
sharing studies going on in ETSI-BRAN and CEPT "Joint
Project Team 5 GHz issues, JPT5G". We hope that this
information will gain acceptance of the incumbent users
of the 5470-5725 MHz band, so that allocation of the band
for RLAN use will be brought closer to achievement.

This document was produced at the Interim meeting of 802.11
and 802.15 last week, in a joint effort of the Radio
Regulations group and the Task Group responsible for a
supplement to 802.11 for addition of regulatory measures
to work in Europe (i.e. to make sharing possible).


802.15 approved the submission with 10, 0, 3
  802.11h and RR approved the submission with 23, 0, 2
802.11 adjourned before this item was on the agenda
802.16 met in Lapland 7 hours ahead of our meeting. However,
Roger agreed that their liaison, Mika Kasslin, at this
meeting would have carried 802.16 interest.

Mika is the Chairman in 802.11 for 11h and is Chairman for
the Harmonized Standard for HIPERLAN in ETSI-BRAN in any
case, stated that the information is to the benefit of ALL Wireless

The ETSI-BRAN meeting starts on February 12.

We are welcoming your early vote..


Vic Hayes
Agere Systems Nederland B.V., formerly Lucent Technologies
Zadelstede 1-10
3431 JZ  Nieuwegein, the Netherlands
Phone: +31 30 609 7528 (Time Zone UTC + 1)
FAX: +31 30 609 7498