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Re: [802SEC] Comment resolution meeting for Rules change proposals


The agenda distributed this morning shows an 802-wide item at the 
same time as your proposed rules change meeting:

Tues 8-10a: CFI: Air Interface Requirements & Technology for Wireless 
Broadband IP Data for Vehicle Mobility

This seems to be related to Tutorial #1, which mentions an intent to 
create an Executive Committee Study Group. This topic could be of 
interest to other SEC members. I think that it would be better to 
avoid the time period. Personally, I could live with 10:30-12.

Also, I am confused by your comment about "such meeting on Tuesday 
8-10 AM in a kind of joint RReg/802.0 meeting." Today's agenda shows 
only one "R-Reg" meeting; that is on Wednesday morning (8-10). Are 
you now planning to add others? In any case, it seems to me that a 
rules change meeting ought to focus on the rules change. In this 
case, it's a pretty big issue all by itself. I don't see how you 
could afford to use part of the 90 minutes on other topics.


>I am not able to attend a meeting on Sunday evening (same is valid for Bob
>Heile and Stuart Kery) to review the results of the ballots on rules
>I would like to schedule such meeting on Tuesday 8-10 AM in a kind of joint
>RReg/802.0 meeting.
>Do you have any objection? or would the slot 10:30-noon fit you better?
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