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[802SEC] submission of items for 802 News Bulletin

As PR Point of Contact, I agreed to solicit news items for the next 
802 News Bulletin.

Please format items along the lines of the last News Bulletin:
Assume that the audience is not made of specialists in your field.

Send them to Michael Bratnick <>, with a copy 
to me. Please try and get your material submitted by this weekend. 
The Bulletin will be delayed by the delay of a single Working Group. 
I have agreed to hound-dog the Working Group chairs until they 
respond. If you plan to submit no material, please let me know so I 
can stop pestering you. Also, if you name a PR contact for your 
group, I can start bugging that person and leave you alone.



>The first IEEE 802 e-news bulletin was distributed in early Dec--after the
>Nov 802 Plenary. It proved successful, with the IEEE receiving about a
>dozen queries/request for more information from the media (for articles,
>etc).  (I'll get that list for you over the next day.)
>The IEEE 802 e-news bulletin was rolled out as a pilot. Going through the
>process of the development and distribution of the first e-news bulletin
>did bring to light some issues that need to be addressed in order for the
>e-news bulletin to be successful (distributed in a timely manner after the
>meetings and to be viewed as "the source" for IEEE 802 news). Listed below
>are what staff and outside communications consultant, CoreCom, consider
>issues that need to be addressed and suggestions for improvement.
>1. IEEE needs to receive 10-14 days prior the meetings information (beyond
>simple agenda items/listings) from the working groups/committees, possibly
>the committee's planning documentation.
>We need "more meat" so we can develop the news briefs and/or news releases
>in advance of the meetings. This way we have time to write the news items
>and, more importantly, have affected parties review in an efficient manner.
>If we could be in the position of developing and having "ready-to-go" the
>news prior to the meetings, immediately following the meetings (even with a
>few edits) the news could be released. We would not lose 2-3 weeks of
>writing and reviewing the news items.
>2. It would be quite beneficial for the IEEE 802 Committee to identify a
>point of contact for the press and staff. This person would provide
>guidance to IEEE on what activities/actions, etc. are newsworthy and can
>serve as a point of contact for staff and the media when the working group
>chairs are not accessible. In putting together the first e-news bulletin,
>we did experience some challenges with getting information in a timely
>manner from the respective working groups, and after the news bulletin was
>released in getting editors from the media in contact with working group
>chairs/members. The media usually has a very short (less than one day)
>window when putting together their articles, and need to have an accessible
>point of contact. Staff can handle status type questions/simple queries,
>but the media is looking for more technical/indepth data that staff is not
>in the position to provide. Staff believes that the IEEE 802 group may be
>losing some press opportunity/exposure due to limitations meeting the
>media's deadlines.
>3. We (IEEE 802 committees with support of staff) need to address how we
>should interface with industry groups/alliances that are related to IEEE
>802 standards (e.g. Resilient Packet Ring Alliance and Bluetooth). These
>alliances or SIGs are "beating" IEEE to the punch with regard to
>distribution of IEEE 802 working group news. They are releasing IEEE 802
>news without  consulting/coordinating with the IEEE. We understand that
>these alliances/SIGs play a key role in the success of IEEE 802 standards
>activities, but in most cases IEEE and the IEEE 802 groups are not getting
>4. We need to evaluate the need for "backgrounders"--documents that provide
>background/history of the standards working group and the value/impact of
>the standard in the marketplace/industry. These prove quite beneficial to
>the media and serve as a reference document.
>Staff does propose that we provide a 802 publicity report for the 802
>group. The report can highlight the status/update of PR efforts and outline
>issues and suggestions. It could serve as a useful tool for the 802
>groups--not only providing them an update, but identifying areas for
>improvement and advice.
>As always, we are committed to supporting 802 and getting its important
>news out to the media. We welcome the opportunity to work with 802 to
>develop a successful publicity effort.
>Karen McCabe
>Senior Marketing Manager, IEEE Standards
>445 Hoes Lane, PO Box 1331
>Piscataway NJ 08855 USA
>PH: +1 732 562 3824