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Re: [802SEC] Report rules change procedure for PARs


I don't think this resolution is responsive to the comments received 
in the ballot. Also, the section on "Conditional approval" seems 
(unless I am missing something) to be unrelated to any comment. I 
also think it is problematic. Therefore, my inclination is to 
continue to Disapprove.


At 10:56 PM +0000 02/03/13, Hayes, Vic (Vic) wrote:
>Dear SEC,
>Following the comment resolution meeting on Sunday, I worked with my group
>to follow-up on your advices.
>All additions to the existing rules are given in red font.
>If you have any suggestion for improvement, please contact me in Midnight
>Specialbefore 11 AM. That way we have the opportunity to tray and make a new