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[802SEC] [Fwd: ITU-T SG17 MSR]


here is the liason from ITU-T SG17 along with the document.

As the letter is addressed to both 802 and 802.17 I believe
it is necessary for this to be a response from 802 rather
then from 802.17. Please inform me if I am mistaken.

802.17 will attempt to have a response to this liason
in time for distribution to your groups at the July plenary.
If your groups have any comments to add prior to July
please direct them to me. 


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: ITU-T SG17 MSR
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 15:16:48 -0600
From: Roy Bynum <>


At the ITU-T Study Group 17 meeting in Geneva , February 27, 2002 through 
March 8, 2002, in Working Party 2, Question 7, a draft contribution was 
made under the title of x.MSR, Multi-Service Ring.  This draft contribution 
covers a proposed protocol and implementation of data link layer mapping of 
multiple service protocols onto an optical ring transmission service.  This 
proposal intended for implementation in undeveloped areas of the world, 
that currently do not have any data communications infrastructure.  As such 
it appears to be a very simplified version of the technology that is being 
developed in 802.17, Resilient Packet Ring.  The optical ring bandwidth is 
intended to not be over subscribed based on the services and may not need 
such things as "fair queuing" or Quality of Service functions.

I was asked by the chairman of SG17, Herbert Bertine,  to present hard copy 
of liaison letters to IEEE 802 and 802.17, which was done on Monday, 
March12, 2002.  I understand that Mr. Bertine has also sent e-mails to the 
Mike Takelman and Paul Nikolich that includes the liaison letter and a copy 
of the draft contribution.  I have been working with SG17 and would be glad 
to be available to answer questions concerning the work of SG17, Q7 and 
this particular draft contribution.

Thank you,
Roy Bynum