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[802SEC] Notes from Wed Mar 20 meeting with SA staff and BoG

Dear 802 Executive Committee,

Last night Geoff Thompson, Howard Frazier and myself had a very productive
meeting with members of the SA Staff (Judy Gorman, Jerry Walker, Karen Rupp
and others) and representatives from the BoG (Dick Holleman and Jim Carlo)
to discuss the 3 motions we made last week on the Get802 program, Trademarks
and Certification.

As a result of the meeting the following items were agreed:

1) SA staff has agreed and Dick Holleman has obtained agreement (pending
confirmation from all BoG members via email by April 5th) from Ben Johnson,
President of the BoG, restore the Get802 to it orignal agreed upon terms
(pay period = 6 months after publication) until May 15, 2002.

2) SA staff will actively work with 802 to develop alternatives to make up
for the apparent reduction in print in PDF revenue that has resulted because
of the Get802 program.  Initially Jerry Walker, Geoff Thompson, Howard
Frazier and Paul Nikolich will be the focal points for this work.  It will
begin via teleconference Tuesday March 26 at 2pm EST.

3) Geoff Thompson will be the 802 Point of Contact to work with SA Staff
(person TBD) to give 802 perspective/recommendations on Trademark Policy.

4) Paul Nikolich will be the 802 Point of Contact to work with the SA Staff
(person TBD) to give the 802 perspective/recommendations on Certification

5) SA staff and the BoG invited 802 to continue to work closely with them
via an "advisory group" consisting of a 2-3 members from each organization.

6) The BoG accepted 802's invitation to co-locate the BoG and 802 meetings
at the July plenary.  The BoG most likely will meet Th/Fri/Sat.  Logistics
to be worked out between BoG and 802 meeting planners.

This meeting has set the stage for 802, SA staff and BoG to closely
collaborate in order to reach our common goals of making high quality
standards available to the public in a timely, cost effective manner.  Now
we have to execute on this objective--there is much work to be done.

Thanks to all that participated.


--Paul Nikolich
Chair, IEEE802 LAN/MAN Standards Project
cell:    857.205.0050
mail:   18 Bishops Lane, Lynnfield, MA 01940