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[802SEC] FW: [Siit] New Standards Journal

Dear SEC,

FYI--a call for papers for the International Journal of IT Standards &
Standardization Research.

--Paul NIkolich

>Hello Folks,
>At last.
>The new 'International Journal of IT Standards & Standardization Research'
>is ready for take-off (well, more or less, that is).
>The journal will be published by Idea Group Publishing (IGP), and will
>start life on a semi-annual schedule. There will be a continuous Call
>for Papers, except for Special Issues. Submissions will undergo a
>double-blind review process, with at least three reviewers per paper (we
>will try to establish and keep a high academic standard).
>Below you will find the CfP for the inaugural issue. So have your
>keyboards ready ......
>For more information please go to
>Happy writing.
>                                 Call for Papers
>                          for the Inaugural Issue of the
>                             International Journal of
>                      IT Standards & Standardization Research
>This new journal aims to be a platform for presenting, and discussing,
>the broad variety of aspects that make up IT standards research. This
>but is certainly not limited to, contributions from the disciplines of
>science, information systems, management, business, social sciences
>science and technology studies), economics, engineering, political
>science, public
>policy, sociology, communication, and human factors/usability. In
>the journal wants to both support and promote multi-disciplinary
>research on IT
>standards; 'IT' should be understood in a very broad sense.
>Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:
>- Technological innovation and standardisation
>- Standards for information infrastructures
>- Standardisation and economic development
>- Open Source and standardisation
>- Intellectual property rights
>- Economics of standardisation
>- Emerging roles of formal standards organisations and consortia
>- Conformity assessment
>- National, regional, international and corporate standards strategies
>- Standardisation and regulation
>- Standardisation as a form of the Public Sphere
>- Standardisation and public policy formation
>- Analyses of standards setting processes, products, and organisation
>- Case studies of standardisation
>- Impacts of market-driven standardisation and emerging players
>- The future of standardisation
>- Multinational and transnational perspectives and impacts
>- Commercial value of proprietary specifications
>- Descriptive & prescriptive theories of standardisation
>- Standards research and education activities
>- Tools and services supporting improved standardisation
>- User related issues
>- Risks of standardisation
>- Management of standards
>- Standards and technology transfer