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Re: [802SEC] Get802 program has been restored to former terms andconditions through May 15


Can you please help straighten out some issues with the GetIEEE802 
web listings?

IEEE Std 802.16.2 was published on 10 September 2001. Seven months 
later, it's still not listed in the GetIEEE802 program: 

If you follow the links to order the hard or soft copies:

you see a message that "This IEEE 802 standard is available at no 
charge in pdf format at: <>". 
However, that link is incorrect. If you use the correct link 
<>, you see that 802.16 is not 

On the other hand, if you guess the URL by analogy, you find that the 
standard really IS available for free download:

I hope that IEEE can look for other inconsistencies in the program 
while this problem is being fixed.



At 1:07 PM -0500 02/04/03, Paul Nikolich wrote:
>I just received a note from Jerry Walker/Karen Rupp that the Get802 program
>has been restored by the BoG with unanimous approval (see below).
>Please note that IEEE 802 and IEEE-SA have much work ahead to figure out how
>to keep the program operating under the current terms and conditions.  Geoff
>Thompson, Howard Frazier and myself are actively engaged with Jerry Walker
>to identify alternatives to ensure adequate funds are in place to maintain
>the program.
>--Paul Nikolich
>Chair, IEEE802 LAN/MAN Standards Project
>cell:    857.205.0050
>mail:   18 Bishops Lane, Lynnfield, MA 01940
>Karen Rupp
>To:    04/01/2002
>cc:     Jerome Walker/STDS/STAFF/US/IEEE@IEEE
>Subject:     Ballot Approved
>As an FYI, the motion below was approved with100% unanimous approval/
>return as of today, 1 April.
>Thank you for your quick response,
>Move to delay implementing the above motion until May 15, which is the
>one-year anniversary date for the program.  Additionally, the newly formed
>802 Task Force shall provide by 30 April 2002, a mutually agreed upon
>proposal for proceeding with the program, to the BOG for their
>Karen A. Rupp
>Associate Managing Director,
>Business Administration
>IEEE Standards Activities
>445 Hoes Lane, P.O. Box 1331
>Piscataway, NJ 08855-1331
>Phone:  1 732 562 3822
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