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RE: [802SEC] Get802 program, restored to former terms & conditions through May 15


At 01:25 PM 4/9/02 -0700, Rigsbee, Everett O wrote:

Colleagues,  I'd like to second Roger's thoughts on this and point out that
we have the same problem with the 802-2001 Overview and Architecture
Since the new edition was approved, the old edition has been removed and the
only option is to purchase the new edition. 
Clearly it would be better if the old edition were still available during
the 6-7 month window together with a link to purchase the new edition if you
want it. 

In the 802 case it is not clear that "it would be better". The new revision of 802 was significantly different than 802-1992.

The current policy would seem to penalize groups like 802.3 that prefer to
keep everything together in one specification because each time an update is
made the entire set of standards become unavailable for another 6 months.
This would seem to favor doing all work as add-on supplements leading to
highly fragmented standards, which I don't think we want to encourage.

Doing things as a "supplement" (there isn't any such thing as a supplement any more, they are now "amendments" wouldn't necessarily work. The IEEE Standards office has the choice as to whether to merge an amendment at publication time, not the Working Group. Since the cost of merging PDFs is minimal and as paper copies diminish they closer to demand publishing they will be able to make new versions of the "book" whenever we do anything, as long as they are willing to do the (small amount of) editorial work to merge the text.


I also agree with Roger that it appears we've paid for two years support and
only gotten one. 

Yup. We probably should have been smarter when we made the deal.

If we're going to continue this program, there are several matters which
will need to be adjusted to make it acceptable on an ongoing basis. 

I don't think the current numbers which we've seen show enough detail to
make any meaningful predictions about viability. 
Bill Quackenbush is right we really need to see monthly run rates to see if
there are meaningful trends or not. 


Thanx,  Buzz
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