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RE: [802SEC] +++ SEC EMAIL BALLOT +++ Get IEEE 802(tm) program recommendation

I vote DISAPPROVE on this motion.

I agree with Buzz, that going in with a position like this will get us to a
spot we don't want to be.  I think it is time for the IEEE and 802 to be
creative on this program.  

If for all intents and purposes, revenue from sale of 802 standards has
dropped below a level that is sustainable, we need to find a way to increase
those revenues.  Adopting a hold-off period of 12 months is not the answer,
in my opinion.  I believe that this will only result in the revenues
remaining too low and the standards remaining unavailable.

I believe that it is possible to sell the downloaded standard for a nominal
fee.  Granted, there will be "information wants to be free" rebels that will
purchase a copy and then post it for free somewhere else.  However, that is
one sale more than would have resulted from either today's 6-month or the
proposed 12-month hold-off period.

What is a realistic value to place on the downloaded standard?  That, I
don't have an answer for.  I think it is somewhere between $5 and $20.  Even
a student can afford that.


-----Original Message-----
From: Paul Nikolich [] 
Sent: Friday, April 26, 2002 5:13 AM
To: 'IEEE802'
Subject: [802SEC] +++ SEC EMAIL BALLOT +++ Get IEEE 802(tm) program

Dear SEC,

This is an SEC email ballot on a recommendation to be made by the IEEE 802
SEC to the IEEE-SA regarding the Get IEEE 802(tm) program as moved by Geoff
Thompson, seconded by Bill Quackenbush.

The email ballot opens on Friday April 26 9AM EDT and closes Friday May 3rd

As a result of the extensive discussions between representatives of the SEC
(Nikolich, Thompson, Frazier) and IEEE-SA staff (mostly Jerry Walker) and
with some participation by Jim Carlo (who is on the BoG) I propose the
following motion:

802 SEC Motion
Moved by:       Geoff Thompson, 1st Vice Chair
Second by:      Bill Quackenbush

That the following choice be offered to the IEEE-SA regarding the "Get IEEE
802 (tm)" program:

1) Extend the program as per the original agreement until the next annual
review date (May 15, 2003). The following adjustment to the original terms
would not negate this choice: Change of the new standard hold-back period
from 6 months to 12 months.

802 approves continuation of ongoing support for the program on a year by
calendar year basis at the original rate of $75 per person per 802

2) Terminate the program as of the annual review date (May 15, 2002). 802
would cease payment of support funds.


Paul Nikolich
Chair, IEEE802 LAN/MAN Standards Project
cell:    857.205.0050
mail:   18 Bishops Lane, Lynnfield, MA 01940