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RE: [802SEC] !!!REMINDER!!! +++ SEC EMAIL BALLOT +++ Get IEEE 802(tm) program recommendation (closes Friday May 3rd 5PM EDT)


While I agree with most of the objections to this motion.  I think
continuation of the program is worth continuing even with the modification.
It is going to take a while for IEEE to realize they are out of step with
most of the rest of the standards world.

--Bob Grow 

-----Original Message-----
From: Paul Nikolich []
Sent: Friday, May 03, 2002 7:26 AM
To: 'IEEE802'
Subject: [802SEC] !!!REMINDER!!! +++ SEC EMAIL BALLOT +++ Get IEEE
802(tm) program recommendation (closes Friday May 3rd 5PM EDT)

Dear SEC,

Please remember to cast your ballot on the below "Get IEEE 802(tm) program
recommendation motion".  The ballot closes today, Friday MAY 3rd 5pm edt.

The ballots cast to date on the below SEC Email ballot is as follows:

01 Geoff Thompson       dnv
02 Buzz Rigsbee   DIS
03 Bob O'Hara     DIS
04 Bill Quackenbush     dnv
05 Tony Jeffree   DIS
06 Bob Grow             dnv
07 Stuart Kerry   DIS
08 Bob Heile      DIS
09 Roger Marks    DIS
10 Mike Takefman        dnv
11 Carl Stevenson       dnv
            total:-6-   -5-   -0-   -0-
                  DIS   DNV   APP   ABS


--Paul Nikolich
Chair IEEE 802


Dear SEC,

This is an SEC email ballot on a recommendation to be made by the IEEE 802
SEC to the IEEE-SA regarding the Get IEEE 802(tm) program as moved by Geoff
Thompson, seconded by Bill Quackenbush.

The email ballot opens on Friday April 26 9AM EDT and closes Friday May 3rd

As a result of the extensive discussions between representatives of the SEC
(Nikolich, Thompson, Frazier) and IEEE-SA staff (mostly Jerry Walker) and
with some participation by Jim Carlo (who is on the BoG) I propose the
following motion:

802 SEC Motion
Moved by:       Geoff Thompson, 1st Vice Chair
Second by:      Bill Quackenbush

That the following choice be offered to the IEEE-SA regarding the "Get IEEE
802 (tm)" program:

1) Extend the program as per the original agreement until the next annual
review date (May 15, 2003). The following adjustment to the original terms
would not negate this choice: Change of the new standard hold-back period
from 6 months to 12 months.

802 approves continuation of ongoing support for the program on a year by
calendar year basis at the original rate of $75 per person per 802

2) Terminate the program as of the annual review date (May 15, 2002). 802
would cease payment of support funds.


Paul Nikolich
Chair, IEEE802 LAN/MAN Standards Project
cell:    857.205.0050
mail:   18 Bishops Lane, Lynnfield, MA 01940