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[802SEC] Sponsor ballot results for P802.3ae


It is with great pleasure that I announce the successful completion of
Sponsor Ballot on P802.3ae.  The ballot recently completed was the fourth
Sponsor recirculation ballot. 

1.  Response, approval and abstention requirements have been met on the
initial Sponsor Ballot and have been sustained on all of these ballots. 
	The ballot center results are:  95% approval, 85% return, and 4%
	One voter listed as a negative attempted to convert his ballot to
approve.  Adjusting for this, the approval rate is 97%.
2.  No new negative votes were cast in the recirculation (confirmation)
3.  No new comments were submitted in the recirculation ballot.
4.  All unsatisfied negative comments were recirculated to the ballot group.
There are 9 unsatisfied negative comments.  One from the second
recirculation ballot, and eight from the initial Sponsor ballot.
5.  No changes to the draft have been made from that submitted to RevCom

I believe therefore, that all requirements of Procedure 10 have been met to
leave P802.3ae on the June RevCom agenda per the conditional approval
granted at the March meeting.  

Bob Grow
Chair, IEEE 802.3 Working Group

Intel, EC2-101
13290 Evening Creek Drive
San Diego, CA  92128 

phone: 858-391-4622
mobile: 858-705-1829
fax:   858-391-4580