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Re: [802SEC] Get IEEE 802 program status report; motion proposal

If possible, we would like to reserve the information for the SEC only and
not distribute widely to the entire Plenary - especially the financials.
We certainly welcome your support for the upcoming motion.

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I salute the Task Force for moving us forward and, particularly, for
their genuine responses to the questions that have been raised. I am
satisfied with the answers at this stage of the process and will
support the motion.


P.S. Some of the information in the Task Force report was, I believe,
considered sensitive by Jerry. It is now open to the world on the SEC
reflector. Was this intended?

At 2:50 PM -0400 02/05/31, Paul Nikolich wrote:
>Dear SEC,
>Attached is a document describing the Get IEEE 802 program.  The document
>recommends the program remain in place as originally established (6 month
>pay period) and is closely monitored by the IEEE-SA, IEEE 802 SEC and
>IEEE-SA BOG to ensure there are no surprises if adjustments need to be
>The document also
>- addresses the concerns brought up during the two SEC ballots to release
>Get802 funds,
>- clarifies the terms and conditions of the agreement and
>- takes into account the many discussions Geoff Thompson, Howard Frazier,
>Jerry Walker and I have had on the topic.
>Additionally, Jerry Walker has agreed the terms and conditions of the
>program would not be adjusted unless the actual program revenue exceeds
>+/-20% the budgeted amounts as indicated the attached document.
>After reviewing this document, I would like to conduct a SEC ballot on
>topic next week (to close no later than Monday June 10), so that I can
>the results to the Standards Board meeting the week of June 10 for
>discussion with IEEE-SA, IEEE-SA BoG president, Ben Johnson and IEEE-SA
>Standards Board Chair, Jim Carlo. The wording of the Motion to be balloted
>would be something like: "Move that the IEEE 802 SEC immediately release
>March 2002 funds held in escrow to continue the Get IEEE 802 program as
>decribed in the "Detailed Description of the "Get IEEE 802" program""
>If you have any concerns--please air them immediately, as we would like to
>take them into account and make adjustments to the document such that the
>above proposed motion has a high probility of passing.  I think I speak
>the SEC, IEEE-SA and IEEE BOG that we would all like to see this program
>continue.  Releasing the escrowed 802 funds under mutually agreeable terms
>is the first step in achieving that goal. Let's try hard to make that
>next week.
>--Paul Nikolich
>Chair, IEEE 802
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>Here is the version with the changes we discussed.