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[802SEC] 802.11F to sponsor ballot?

Forwarded for Stuart, in case he can't get to an email account that is
subscribed to the reflector.


Dear SEC members -
802.11 TGf is anticipating approval for starting a Sponsor Ballot after this
week. Attached is the relevant information for your review. You should find

1) An exec summary cover letter doc file giving the background.
2) The WG approved TGf draft (version 3.1 as approved, for the actual
sponsor ballot the revisions will be accepted to create 4.0).
3) The file of unresolved comments that go with the approved draft.

Respectfully submitted for your consideration and approval.

Stuart J. Kerry
Chair IEEE 802.11 WLANS WG

11-02-452R0-F-SEC Sponsor ballot request cover letter.doc


11-02-451R0-f-unresolved LB 38 comments (sort Type clause comment).xls