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RE: [802SEC] Agenda items for closing plenary

Bob, Paul, and other SEC members,

I expect to present the following boatload of motions:
(sorry for the volume ... I'll try to move through them
as quickly as possible ... hopefully this "heads-up"
summary will help ...)

To approve the 802.18 TAG Charter

To commence TAG rules changes designed to enable
TAGs to work via teleconference and e-mail ballots
and correspondence between Plenaries and Interims

Asking the SEC to authorize the 802.18 TAG to operate
provisionally under the rules proposed in the above
rules change, while the rules change is in process

To approve a document in response to the FCC Spectrum
Policy Task Force's Request for Comments

To approve comments to the FCC in support of the industry
proposal from IWG-5 to the FCC WAC on WRC-03 Agenda Item
1.5  (5 GHz globally harmonized allocation for wireless
access systems, including RLANs)

To approve a letter (or information paper) to CITEL PCC
III in support of the 5 GHz allocation contemplated in
WRC-03 Agennda Item 1.5
(alternatively, if the document is not done, to authorize
me to craft it in transit to Brazil and present it ... 
the contents would be consisten with the position in the
previous item, but tailored and formatted slighly for the
different audience)

To approve a reply to the ARRL's response to our Opposition to
their Petition for Reconsideration in ET Docket 98-156
(we prepared our Opposition in Sydney and the SEC approved it
as an 802 position by e-mail ballot)