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[802SEC] 802.16 Agenda items for closing plenary


Below is my list. Please note that I'd like the first two items placed on the consent agenda. (802.16.2a is a minor PAR revision; 1802.16.1 is a PICS PAR that received no comment following thirty-day advance notice to the SEC. Both were approved unanimously by 802.16 at its Thursday evening Closing Plenary).

ME* 802.16.2a revision to NesCom
ME* 1802.16.1 to NesCom
ME  802.16c to Sponsor Ballot (conditional approval)	Marks
ME  802.16a to Sponsor Ballot (conditional approval)	Marks
II  802.16 Mobile Broadband Wireless Access Study Group	Marks/Klerer
MI  Affirmation of 802.16 Mobile Wireless MAN Study Group	Marks

Category (* = consent agenda)

For details of the motions, with backup materials, see the top of the page at <> on the LAN. Some of the backup material is still not yet complete.


>Please send me (and copy Paul) your agenda items for the closing SEC meeting
>as soon as you are aware of them.  You can even send me speculative items.
>It is easier to remove than to add.  Plus, your working groups never
>surprise you, anyway! ;^) 
>We are starting a bit more quickly after the closing 802.11 plenary than we
>have in the past and I will have much less time to prepare the agenda.  Your
>cooperation will be greatly appreciated!
> -Bob
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