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RE: [802SEC] 802 CD-ROM

Bob,  Yes, very good idea.  The numbers look right.  
And I'm hoping we can get both the 802.3-2002 and the 802.3ae on the 2003
edition ???
And in November 2002 we can hand them out at registration since everybody
registered can get one.  
For March and July 2003 we should be able to get a reliable indication of
who already got one from the new database, so that they can be provided at
registration too.  

Thanx,  Buzz
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My tickler file went off (a bit too late), reminding me that November is
typically when we distribute the new version of the 802 CD-ROM.  Do we want
to publish a new CD-ROM at the November meeting?  If so, we need to pass a
motion to allocate funds to have the production of the CD-ROM done. 

I spoke to Dawn at Face to Face and they are willing to coordinate the
production, as they did so ably last year.  Last year we had 1000 copies
produced.  Dawn estimates there are fewer than 50 copies remaining.  She
estimated that the cost of producing the CD-ROM last year was $1250.  I can
not find an exact number in the minutes.  Perhaps BillQ can look back to
October/November 2001 to determine the exact costs.

If we choose to go ahead with a new CD-ROM for November, I will publish a
list of the standards I currently have (those on the last CD-ROM).  I will
need a list from each WG chair of the new standards that need to be added to
the CD-ROM and those that should be deleted from the current compilation.


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