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[802SEC] 802 Project Plan

Dear SEC,

Attached please find the current draft of the 802 project plan.  Paul has
requested me to send it to Bob O'Hara to include in the July minutes, and
also to distribute to IEEE staff (Angela).  Before I do, I just wanted to
give people a last shot at it.  There have been some changes since July.
The key changes are:

	1)	Added comments from Roger on 802.16 projects
	2)	Deleted any lines identifying liaison activities
			(actually only one line for 802.16.  Roger - Do you
			(Rationale - The plan is only intended to track
"standards" producing activities)
	3)	Added a new anticipated CFI for 802.3 on 70 GHz PTP.
			(Bob Grow - Please tell me if this is okay!)
	4)	Added a SG for 802.11 on Radio Resource Management
			(I accidentally omitted it the first time round)

Item 1 is per Roger's suggestion (obviously).  Items 2 is my suggestion
after discussions with Paul as to what the Project Plan is supposed to do.
As a reminder it is intended as a forward planning tools so that IEEE staff
and the LMSC can plan for standards activities proactively.   Items 3 and 4
are per Paul's suggestion.  Paul's intent is that the project plan should be
a permanent part of the minutes for each meeting going forward. I am hoping
to finalize this by next Friday (8/9/02).  Please let me know if you have
any objections by then.  Of course, all objections will be resolved before I
formally submit anything.


 <<draft rev07_02_802proj.pdf>> 

Matthew Sherman
Vice Chair, IEEE 802
Technology Consultant
Communications Technology Research 
AT&T Labs - Shannon Laboratory 
Room B255, Building 103 
180 Park Avenue 
P.O. Box 971 
Florham Park, NJ 07932-0971 
Phone: +1 (973) 236-6925 
Fax: +1 (973) 360-5877 

draft rev07_02_802proj.pdf