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Re: [802SEC] Proposed Alternative to changing the rules for WG membership


This still does not solve the quorum problem for interim meetings for those 
working groups that conduct business every two months.  I would rather deal 
with Tony's issue on the definition of interims and fix this problem once 
and for all


At 11:58 AM 9/23/02 -0400, Robert D. Love wrote:

>Here is an interesting alternative to the proposed SEC motion to change the
>rules for membership in the working group.  Based on the negative comments
>expressed so far it may be easier to more directly address the problem of
>voting members that no longer are reachable or care to respond to WG email
>Add to the bylaws the ability of a WG prior to an electronic ballot to send
>out an email request to all voting members to respond if they wish to be
>included in the Working Group ballot pool for the upcoming Working Group
>Ballot.  The Email request to participate in the ballot pool would have to
>be open for at least 30 days and close prior to the close of electronic
>balloting.  Whoever responds to neither the request to be in the ballot
>pool, nor the ballot itself, would be dropped from the ballot pool.  In this
>way no voters that respond to the ballot or to the request would be dropped.
>I believe that getting a quorum for voting would be far simpler if such a
>process were instituted.
>Along with this motion we may also want to add words that it is the WG
>participants responsibility to maintain accurate email contact information.
>Best regards,
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