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Re: [802SEC] Vehicular Mobile Broadband PAR for Consideration in November

Hello Mark:

Again, welcome to the IEEE Standards World and good luck.

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SEC Members,

The Mobile Broadband Wireless Access Executive Committee Study Group (MBWA
ECSG) met 10-12 September 2002 and approved a PAR and "Five Criteria" to be
forwarded to the LMSC Executive Committee for approval at the November
Plenary. The ECSG approved PAR and Five Criteria are attached.

The PAR proposes to establish a new project to develop a PHY and MAC layer
standard for an air-interface supporting full vehicular mobility and
optimized for packet data services.   The proposed standard addresses
licensed spectrum below 3.5 GHz and looks at currently commonly available
channel bandwidths of 1.25 and 5 MHz. The proposed standard is unique in
that it addresses full vehicular mobility in a macro-cell environment,
higher spectral efficiencies than achieved by 3G and addresses both uplink
and downlink capabilities. It will also address greatly reduced air-link
latencies, thus enabling transparent IP networking for both non-real time
and real-time data services. The project is complementary to the IEEE work
on PANs, LANs and FWA and the ECSG recommends establishment of a new
Working Group to address this project. Additional information on the
proposed project can be found in the attached paper "Initial Views on the
Desired Characteristics of Mobile Broadband Wireless Access Air Interface".

The ECSG welcomes comments from all active 802 groups (WGs, TAGs and ECGS)
and asks that they be delivered to us, per the LMSC Operating Rules, by 5
pm on Tuesday of the Plenary Week. Due to the limited time that will be
available to present at the opening plenary, if any WG would like a 15 or
20 minute presentation of the PAR, either on Monday afternoon or Tuesday
morning, I will be glad to accommodate such requests.

I look forward to seeing you in Hawaii.

Best regards,

Mark Klerer

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 (See attached file: ECSG PAR R2c.pdf)(See attached file:
802m_ecsg-02-07R1.pdf)(See attached file: 802m_ecsg-02-08.pdf)

ECSG PAR R2c.pdf