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RE: [802SEC] 802 Plenary registration fees

Personally, I would rather choose my own food for lunch. Hotel lunches are often pretty unhealthy and limited choices. Also, I like to get out of the hotel for a few minutes.

I like the arrangements Buzz has made to have the hotel to sell a quick sandwich or pizza lunch that attendees can pay for on those days when they have a real time crunch. Even better are the downtown locations where there is a wide variety of fast food available near the hotel. 


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It has been my experience in the past that if there
is a deficit that needs to be made up in the financials,
the Officers of the group needs to protect the organization
and do what is necessary for the organization to continue.
Taking polls of the group won't fix the problem. 
Its best to do what is necessary and move on!

Best regards,

Harry Worstell

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Can we e-mail a poll to the community and see how they respond?


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Howard,  Interesting numbers.  It will be fun to try and figure out exactly
what they mean.  Here are some questions to ponder: 

1.  Lunches run $15-20/person/day so you can swap the social for 1 day of
lunch.  Do folks want to do that or are they pretty happy with the
do-your-own cash lunch deals which we do now and you have the option to do a
restaurant instead ?

2.  Are folks willing to ante up another $50 plus lose the social to get
lunches all week (M-Th) ?  or $75 and keep the social ?  

3.  Or do we do frugal lunches (e.g. box, salad bar, soup, etc.) for less ?

Maybe there's a way to collect and tabulate further survey data as part of
our web reg process so we can resolve some of these points to more clarity.

Thanx,  Buzz
Dr. Everett O. (Buzz) Rigsbee
Boeing - SSG
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From: Howard Frazier [] 
Sent: Tuesday, October 08, 2002 9:13 PM
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Subject: Re: [802SEC] 802 Plenary registration fees

Steve Carlson, Mike Takefman, Tony Jeffree, and I conducted a
survey at our interim meetings in New Orleans.  A copy
of the survey is attached.  I haven't had time to tabulate
all of the responses yet, but this thread stimulated me to
tabulate the responses to the question we asked about
F&B.  The results for this question are also attached.  
Please keep in mind that we explicitly stated that this survey
applied only to our interim meetings, and that it was non-binding,
but that we would use it to help us plan future interims.

 From the chart in meeting_survey.pdf, I conclude that:

A) Continental breakfast, morning coffee service, lunch,
and afternoon coffee service have overwhelming support.  Our
members really want these services to be provided.

B) Afternoon snacks have slightly positive but equivocal support.

C) Hot breakfasts, dinner, and a mid-week social reception have
much more opposition than support.  The first two seem obvious,
but the third surprised me.  I won't, not even for a femtosecond,
suggest that this result reflects what all of 802 would say about
the Wednesday social during a plenary week, but I would suggest
that maybe it's time we asked the question. Socials are certainly a
large expense, and maybe we'd be better off redirecting the money
towards lunch. I find that it makes us more productive if every one
can stay near the meeting rooms for lunch, and get back to
the meetings quickly. The members we surveyed seem to agree.

Overall, I think the survey went over well.  From scanning
the responses, it seems like people took it seriously, and
gave it some careful thought.  I know that it will help us plan our
next interim.