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[802SEC] links to PARs to be considered at Nov 2002 plenary session

>In response to Rogers request, attached below are all the PARs that I have in my records as to be considered at the November 2002 Plenary Session.  Unfortunately Roger I cannot provide the URLs to all the PAR forms and 5 Criteria-(what would I have received as 'extra credit' ???).


OK, so I've compiled a list. I believe I found one you omitted (the first on my list). I am assume that people will inform me of any mistakes I've made on my own.

Unfortunately, the nature of the "extra credit" will have to remain a secret.


802b OID Registration

802.1D MAC Service Provision

802.11j 4.9-5 GHz Operation in Japan

802.11k Radio Resource Measurement

802.15.3a higher rate PHY for 802.15.3

802.15.4 revision

1802.16.2 Test Suite Structure and Test Purposes

802.16d System Profiles Amendment

802.16e Mobility Amendment

802.17a Amendment to 802.1D

MBWA ECSG Vehicular Mobile Broadband