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Re: [802SEC] +++ SEC Rules Change Letter Ballot +++ Ballot on TAG changes


Comments against proposed changes to Section 5.2

	1) There is inconsistent reference to the Executive Committee
(EC)/Sponsor Executive Committee (SEC).  Select the proper one and use
it consistently.

	2) In Section 5.2(a), "present" has been changed to "participating".  I
have some idea what is required to be considered "present", but I have
no idea of what is required to be considered "participating".  Please
define.  Whatever criteria is used, it must be unambiguous.

	3) I think the terms "documents" and "other documents" referred to in
(f) and (g) are potentially ambiguous.  I propose that replacing these
terms with the phrase "documents other than recommended practices or
guidelines" would eliminate the potential ambiguity.

	4) To be consistent with (h), change the last sentence of (f) to the following.

	"Documents, drafts, comments and revision proposals shall be posted on
the TAG web site and may be distributed via the TAG e-mail reflector."

Comments against proposed changes to Section

	5) In the last sentence of the second paragraph, change "Working Group
or TAG" to "Working Group and/or TAG".

Comments against proposed changes to Section

	6) In the first paragraph, simply reference Section 15 of the IEEE
Policy and Procedure, do not state the requirement which might change, 
i.e. incorporate by reference only.

Comments against proposed changes to Section and

	7) There is inconsistent qualification of the term "position
statements" in these sections.  Section qualifies them only
though the title of the section.  Section qualifies some but not
all usage with the phrase "Working Group or TAG".  I think the
qualification should be consistent, and I think it would be less
ambiguous if each use of "position statements" was qualified by "IEEE
802" or "Working Group or TAG" as appropriate.

Comments against proposed changes to Section

	8) In the first sentence of the first paragraph, change "statements
with government" to "statements to government".

	9) In the fourth paragraph, change "Working Group or TAG Chair" to
"Working Group and/or TAG Chair(s)."

Matthew Sherman wrote:
> Dear SEC members,
> Attached you will find the text for an SEC rules change letter ballot on
> Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs).  This letter ballot was approved at the
> July 2002 plenary session.
> The scope and purpose of the changes being balloted is as follows:
> Scope:  To improve the responsiveness of Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs)
> Purpose: To improve the operation of TAGs with IEEE 802.
> The ballot opens September 10, 2002 and closes November 10, 2002 12 midnight
> EDT (remember if you do not vote or abstain it is equivalent to a DISAPPROVE
> vote).  Buzz, please ensure this gets sent to the "802ALL" email list as
> well.  WG chairs, if you haven't already done so, please invite your WG
> members to comment through you.
> Regards,
> Mat
>  <<TAG rules change.pdf>>
> Matthew Sherman
> Vice Chair, IEEE 802
> Technology Consultant
> Communications Technology Research
> AT&T Labs - Shannon Laboratory
> Room B255, Building 103
> 180 Park Avenue
> P.O. Box 971
> Florham Park, NJ 07932-0971
> Phone: +1 (973) 236-6925
> Fax: +1 (973) 360-5877
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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