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Re: [802SEC] IMPORTANT NOTE: IEEE 802 Meeting room audio visual update

Dear SEC, 

Let me take a different tack.

We spend lots of money (almost every meeting) buying
new projectors that clearly improve productivity.

How about we buy some wireless mics and mic stands
and stop arguing about this three times a year?

Every hotel I've been at seems to use a 4 input
mixer/amp and we could just wire it ourselves. In 
fact when .17 was in SG mode, one of our members 
brought a wireless mic to each meeting for
this purpose!

I am sure this may annoy the AV company, and makes
us liable if they amp blows up, but if they don't
charge out at a reasonable rate then they can expect
people to try to avoid the charge. And they never
complained about us adding our own mic.



> "Grow, Bob" wrote:
> When 802.3 requests a floor microphone, it is important to productive
> conduct of business.  This is especially true at closing meetings
> (802.3ah, 802.3 where motions involve significant comment from
> participants.  I would assume not having the microphone extends an
> active closing 802.3 plenary by 0:30, so 200 people @ $50/hr. (very
> conservative) is a productivity loss of $5000.
> I obviously have a problem with this arbitrary decision, and am
> curious as to where this referenced 802 guideline is published.
> --Bob Grow
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> From: Dawn Slykhouse []
> Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2002 7:18 PM
> To: IEEE 802 SEC
> Cc: Darcel Moro; Jennifer Hull; Howard Frazier
> Subject: [802SEC] IMPORTANT NOTE: IEEE 802 Meeting room audio visual
> update
> Importance: High
>  Memo to:  IEEE 802 Working Group Chairs
> From: Face To Face Events Inc.
> Re: Microphones
> Please note podiums with microphones have been requested for only the
> meetings which have specified podiums.  We have requested long cords
> on all the microphones.  As noted in the 802 guidelines, and confirmed
> by Buzz Rigsbee, all there is one microphone allowed per meeting with
> 50 or more attendees.  If you have requested more than one microphone
> please be aware there will only be one microphone in your meeting room
> and it will be located at the front of the room.  Any comments or
> concerns should be directed to Buzz.
> Darcel Moro
> IEEE 802 Meeting Manager
> Face To Face Events Inc.
> Tel: 604/944-2652
> Fax: 604/944-2012

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