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[I'm forwarding from someone off the list, in case Bob O'Hara is too 
busy to do so.  -Roger]

Dear SEC Leaders,

I was encouraged to share with you some of the thoughts.

The current debate between 802.16 and ECSG MBWA seems a classic one: each
party focuses on its own course and makes arguments so strong, so convincing
that their common interests are less recognized and potential compromise
seems difficult. Fortunately, this time there is a managing entity above the
two parties, so a sensible solution is possible by looking forward, looking
at the big picture, and also, taking the pain.

1. A single PAR, a single network for fixed and mobile service.
    -- The difficulty of articulating difference by either side only
indicates a clear trend in the industry: convergence of fixed and mobile
services, enabled by the progress in technology and motivated by the market
    -- This also provides a significant differentiation to the existing
systems, fixed or mobile.

2. Do not simply compete with 3G (which is also evolving), leapfrog it. The
standard should be forward-looking and specify significantly higher design
goals, including significantly higher date rates.

3. Allow any significant changes to 16a PHY/MAC to fulfill the goal, while
leveraging years of development and experience by the 802.16 group,
including Rogerí»s leadership.

4. It is a rare opportunity for both parties and for IEEE. Only a united
team can survive and win in this very competitive, and already very confused

A single PAR, a single network for converged fixed and mobile services. It
is a noble goal, a challenging goal, yet a feasible goal.

Thank you for your attention.

Alex Li
Broadstorm Inc.