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[802SEC] IEEE 802 FCC filing in ET Docket No. 02-312

Paul, et al,

Attached is the SEC-approved filing of the Reply Comments of
IEEE 802 in ET Docket No. 03-312, in .pdf format, and a .pdf
copy of the FCC ECFS filing receipt.

To refresh your memory, this docket item deals with the FCC's
Biennial Review of its rules, with an aim to eliminating outdated
or unnecessary rules.

As I told the SEC at the closing meeting in Hawaii, this document
was approved unanimously by 802.18, 802.15, and 802.16, and
by a margin of 105 approve, 1 disapprove, 18 abstain in 802.11.

Carl R. Stevenson
Chair, IEEE 802.18 Radio Regulatory Technical Advisory Group
610-965-8799 (home office)
610-712-3217 (fax mailbox)
610-570-6168 (cellphone)
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