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stds-802-16: report of P802.16a/D3 WG ballot conducted under Procedure 10

SEC Colleagues:

In our meeting of 15 November, the SEC granted conditional approval, 
according to Procedure 10, to forward P802.16a/D3 ("Draft Amendment 
to IEEE Recommended Practice for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks 
- Coexistence of Fixed Broadband Wireless Access Systems") for LMSC 
Sponsor Ballot. Accordingly, I am making the following report:

Ballot Number:       802.16 Recirculation Ballot #8b
Ballot opening date: 19 November 2002
Ballot closing date:  4 December 2002 (15 day duration, per
Votes:                1 new Approve (formerly not voting)
                       4 confirmations of change to Approve
                       0 new Disapprove
Final vote tally:    64 Approve
                       1 Disapprove
                       6 Abstain
                      98.4% Approval
                      75.3% Return (70 ballots/93 members)
Vote report:
New comments:        None received
Changes to draft:    None

The recirculation included 10 unresolved Disapprove comments, all 
from the single Disapprove voter. That voter has indicated 
satisfaction with three of the resolutions (Comments 212, 213, 214). 
Seven unresolved Disapprove comments remain. All were submitted to 
the SEC in Kauai as part of the conditional approval motion. These 
remain available as Comments 076, 077, 095, 086, 116, 119, 215 in the 
document supporting that motion: IEEE 802.16-02/65 

Given the successful conclusion of this ballot, I am proceeding to 
move P802.16a/D3 to LMSC Sponsor Ballot.