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[802SEC] Vision Series: Vic Hayes

It's great to see Vic getting some well-deserved recognition.


> Vision Series: Vic Hayes
>When Vic Hayes was designing wireless networks inside Toronto
>auto plants, he had an inkling about the potential for the
>technology. Throughout the 1990s, the Dutch native kept at his
>labor of love, which earned him the sobriquet of father of Wi-
>Fi. Hayes, who oversaw the first working group to draft what
>became the 802.11b standard, has since played a leading role in
>shepherding the development of the Wi-Fi technology used by an
>estimated 8 million wireless networks in U.S. homes and offices.
>Although Wi-Fi has turned into one of the hottest young
>technologies, Hayes says the real excitement will start after
>the computer industry hurdles the 100mbps (megabits per second)
>speed barrier.