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stds-802-16: report of P802.16a/D7 recirculation conducted under Procedure 10

SEC Colleagues:

In our meeting of 15 November, the SEC granted conditional approval, 
according to Procedure 10, to forward P802.16a/D7 ("Draft Amendment 
to IEEE Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks - Part 16: 
Air Interface for Fixed Broadband Wireless Access Systems - Medium 
Access Control Modifications and Additional Physical Layer 
Specifications for 2-11 GHz") to RevCom. Accordingly, I am making the 
following report:

Recirc opening date: 20 November 2002
Recirc closing date:  5 December 2002
Vote Changes:         1 change (Approve to Abstain; no reason given)
                       0 new Disapprove
Final vote tally:    51 Approve (87%)
                       7 Disapprove
                       9 Abstain (13%)
                      88% Return
New comments:        3

The three comments were considered by a Ballot Resolution Committee 
of seven members and two observers, as appointed by the IEEE 802.16 
Working Group. For multiple reasons, the Committee concluded that the 
none of the comments necessitated a Fourth Recirculation. The 
comments, and the Committee's responses, are recorded in IEEE 
802.16-02/71 <>. All 
three comments were out of scope of the recirculation, since the 
material discussed had not been altered since, nor even mentioned in, 
the previous recirculation. Only two of comments (#382 and #383) were 
Disapprove comments; both were reiterations of previous comments that 
had been rebutted by the Ballot Resolution Committee, with the 
rebuttals previously accepted by the ballot group. The third comment 
(#381), which was submitted by an Approve voter and so did not 
require recirculation in any case, was essentially a repeat of a 
previously-recirculated comment, with a new proposed remedy. The 
Committee provided a technical rebuttal.

Given the successful conclusion of this ballot, I am proceeding to 
submit P802.16a/D7 to RevCom. The full details of the RevCom 
submittal are supplied in IEEE 802.16-02/72 
<>. That document 
includes the full list of remaining unresolved Disapprove comments, 
both valid and invalid, along with the Working Group responses. All 
but the last two of these (#382 and #383) were presented to the SEC 
at the time of the conditional approval.

I expect approval to be on RevCom's January "early consideration" agenda.




Dr. Roger B. Marks  <>
Chair, IEEE 802.16 WG on Broadband Wireless Access <>
National Institute of Standards and Technology/Boulder, CO, USA
tel: +1 303 497 3037   fax: +1 509 756 2642