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FW: [802SEC] Report of D08P802-15-2 WG ballot conducted under Procedure 10

To the SEC:

At the 15 November meeting, the SEC granted conditional approval,
to Procedure 10, to forward D08P802-15-2 ("Draft  P802.15.2 Recommended
Practice for Information technology - Telecommunications and information
exchange between systems - Local and metropolitan area networks specific
requirements - Part 15.2: Coexistence of  Wireless Personal Area
with Other Wireless Devices Operating in Unlicensed Frequency Bands")
LMSC Sponsor Ballot. In accordance with Procedure 10, I am making the
following report:

Ballot Number:       802.15 Recirculation Ballot 23 / 802.11
Ballot 53
Opening date of ballots: 20 December 2002
Closing date of ballots:  8 January 2003 (20 day duration)

In 802.15----

Votes:            5 new Approve (formerly not voting) [Robert Huang,
Gandolfo, Michael McInnis, Fujio Watanabe, Matthew Welborn]
		1 confirmations of change to Approve [Bijan Treister]
		0 new Disapprove

Final vote tally:    	62 Approve
                       		3 Disapprove
                      		18 Abstain
                     		95% Approval
            		99% Return ( 83ballots/84 members)

New comments:        None received

In 802.11----

Votes:           	3 new Approve (formerly not voting) [Patrick Yu,
Kasslin, Jim Tomcik]
		3 confirmations of change to Approve [Adrian Stephens,
Johathan Edney,
Andrew Myles]
		0 new Disapprove

Final vote tally:    	189 Approve
                       		  18 Disapprove
                      		  63 Abstain
                     		92% Approval
            		94% Return ( 270 ballots/288 members)

New comments:        None received

Changes to draft:    Editorial only

Given the complexity of the dual working balloting process, it is not
to get any better than this.  We have achieved all the consensus we are
likely to achieve, which is substantial.  Attached is a list of the
unsatisfied comments.  In several cases comments had been accepted in
earlier ballots but were just repeated in this ballot even though they
no longer relevant.

Given the successful conclusion of this dual ballot, I am proceeding to
move D08P802-15-2 to LMSC Sponsor Ballot.




Bob Heile, Ph.D
Chair, IEEE 802.15 Working Group on Wireless Personal Area Networks
Chair, ZigBee Alliance
11 Louis Road
Attleboro, MA  02703   USA
Phone: 508-222-1393
Mobile: 781-929-4832
Fax: 	    508-222-0515