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FW: [802SEC] Link Security Monday morning session announcement and update

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Dear SEC members,
The Link Security SG discussed the placement of the project in the first SG meeting on January in Vancouver. The decision was to place the project in P802.1. A brief summary of the meeting, including straw poll numbers, is included at the end of this message.
Based on this decision, we (802.1 and LinkSec) are already planning the March meeting together. We are scheduling a Link Security session on Monday morning (8:30-10:30am) to encourage participation from all WGs by avoiding overlaps with regular WG meetings.
Please forward the announcement and information below to your respective WG members.
Thank you,
IEEE802 March 2003 Plenary Meeting
Monday Morning Link Security Session Announcement
The Link Security ECSG is scheduled to meet on Monday Morning (8:30-10:30am) March 10t. This session does not conflict with most WG regular meeting schedule. It is intended to facilitate participation from all WG members since the work of this group relates to several WGs efforts.
The agenda for this meeting is to educate each other on the major areas related to this project (e.g EPON, bridging, security), converge on scope, scenarios and objectives and make progress on the work plan including architecture model, project partitioning and PAR definition. See work plan at
Contributions deadline: March 3rd, 2003 midnight PST
Submission instructions: To submit your contribution please send it by email in pdf format to,, and In your email please indicate title of the presentation, name of the presenter and amount of time needed to present the material. Also if you are a member of another WG and have schedule conflict, please indicate so.
The complete Link Security meeting schedule is posted at: 
Summary of Link Security Jan 2003 interim meeting in Vancouver:

The two-days meeting covered the presentations including discussion on requirements, architecture model, and PAR and 5 criteria, and lengthy discussion on scenarios, placement of the project and the need of traffic analysis. The group also discussed the location and dates of the next interim meeting.

Major decisions made:

  1. The SG will recommend to the executive committee in the next IEEE802 plenary meeting to place the project in 802.1
  2. The next interim meeting in May will not be co-located with EFM in Korea, but will be in Ottawa hosted by Nortel late May early June and co-located with P802.3 10GBASE-CX4, P802.3 10GBASE-T SG, and P802.1.
  3. Developed an initial set of scenarios. See
  4. A work plan for development of project PAR(s) was identified. See
  5. Three technical tutorials will be prepared for next plenary meeting to introduce SG participants to the three major areas involved in this project. The areas are Bridging, EPON and Security. The volunteers to organize or prepare the tutorials were: Norm Finn ( to prepare the Bridging tutorial, Jonathan Thatcher ( to organize the EPON tutorial, and Bill McIntosh ( to prepare the Security tutorial.

Summary of Straw Polls

1.      Where should the next LinkSec Interim meeting be held? Specifically, are you will to go if:

a.      Co-lo with .3 in Seoul - 14

b.      Co-lo with .11 in Singapore - 10

c.      Meet with late may June in Ottawa – 30


2.      Who thinks the approach outlined by Mick for development of the PAR(s) is a good one?

Yes – 36

No – 0


3.      Are you in favor of moving this SG group to 802.1?

Yes - 26

Negative - 0

Abstain - 12