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FW: [802SEC] New 802.11 PAR for High Throughput Task Group Formation Consideration at March Plenary

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SEC Member:

This letter is to inform you of an item on the agenda at the upcoming 802 Plenary Meeting. The agenda item is the consideration of the approval of the PAR and 5 criteria response from the 802.11 HTSG.

The Motion in the 802.11 WG meeting was:

"Move to conduct a WG Letter ballot to approve 02-798r2 (PAR) and 02-799r2 (5 Criteria) and the WG Chair to pre-submit to the executive committee for the March 2003 SEC meeting by 2-7-03 for the purpose of creation of the High Throughput Task Group".

The documents can be located at:

11-02-798r2-HT-Draft-PAR.doc  or at   (


11-02-799r2-HT-Draft-5 Criteria.doc or at  (

I wanted to take a moment and introduce you to the thoughts and actions that have occurred in creating the PAR.

The study group was created last July, with instructions to start meeting in Sept. 2002. We had over 100 people in our first meeting, and 165 that signed our roll that we passed around during the 2 sessions we were allotted. During that inaugural meeting, we made a good first cut on preparing the PAR's scope and purpose.

During the November meeting, our discussions started in earnest to define the response to the 5 criteria, and we finalized the purpose of the PAR.
The January meeting met with 4 session times with between 60-80 people voting on the motions as they arose. The PAR and 5 criteria document was approved and submitted to the WG for approval with a 59-0-2 vote, and in the WG, the motion passed with a similarly large margin vote.
The PAR and 5 criteria response Documents are in a WG Letter ballot to ensure we capture the membership's ideas and support.  I believe that the LB will pass and that the Study Group will refine the PAR and 5 criteria to address the comments from the letter ballot and the SEC provided comments.  
I would therefore respectfully request that you consider approving the proposed PAR.
If you have comments that you would like addressed prior to coming up on your Agenda, please let me or Stuart J. Kerry know.  We will do our best to address your questions as soon as possible.

Stuart J. Kerry
Chair, 802.11 WLANs WG

Jon Rosdahl
Chair, 802.11 HT SG


Stuart J. Kerry
Chair, IEEE 802.11 WLANs WG

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