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Re: [802SEC] +++ SEC EMAIL BLLOT +++ MOTION: Authorize the Link Security Exec SG to become an 802.1 SG


Further, were this vote to come up on the agenda for Monday morning, I 
would move to defer the decision until Friday.

By conducting this as an e-mail ballot we are taking a vote of the SEC. By 
conducting this vote at the closing plenary as I consider proper, we would 
(hopefully) have the input of the body of the Working Groups.

It is my opinion that this sort of 802 structural decision will have far 
reaching consequences for each/all of the Working Groups and should not be 
taken lightly.



At 02:04 PM 2/12/2003 -0500, Paul Nikolich wrote:

>Dear SEC,
>This is a 10 day SEC email ballot to make a determination on the below SEC
>motion to authorize the Link Security Executive Study Group to become an
>802.1 Study Group. Moved by Tony Jeffree, seconded by Bob Grow.
>The email ballot opens on Wednesday February 11 2PM EST and closes Friday
>February 21 2PM EST.
>Please direct your responses to the SEC reflector.
>--Paul Nikolich
>Chairman, IEEE 802 LMSC
>MOTION: "The SEC resolves that the Link Security Study Group will become a
>study  group of the 802.1 HiLi working group, effective from the start of
>the  March 802 Plenary meeting."
>MOVER: Tony Jeffree
>SECOND: Bob Grow