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[802SEC] Whither Goest The Link Security SG

Dear Members of the IEEE 802 LMSC SEC,

I have observed the discussion about the email motion
to move the Link Security ECSG under the auspices of
the 802.1 WG.  I encourage you to vote in favor of this motion,
for the following reasons:

1) This is what the members of the ECSG want, as expressed
at their meeting in Vancouver.

2) This is what the members of the 802.1 WG want, as expressed
at their meetings in Kauai and Vancouver.

In addition, I ask you to remember that the motion on the floor
(the ethereal floor, if you will) concerns the placement of the
Link Security Study Group, and not necessarily the placement
of the PAR and project that may result from the study group's
deliberations.  I imagine that discussions on the placement of
the project will continue, regardless of what home you assign to
the study group.  As was made quite clear in Kauai, this is one
of the recommendations that the study group must make when
and if they present a PAR for consideration.

I think that the issue is not complicated at all.  The study group
has asked for a new home, and the home owners are welcoming
them in.

Howard Frazier