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[802SEC] Project Plan

Hi Everyone,


IEEE is asking me for the update to our project plan.  I promised them something by the end of the week.  To date I believe I have only received updates for 802.1, 802.17, 802.18 and 802.20.  I ask that everyone who has not provided updates yet to provide them by Wednesday.   I have provided the current baseline file a couple of times already so you should have them.  As a reminder the key codes I am using are (see footer for excel file):


C=Charter WG by Exec

P=Exec app. of PAR

W=App. for WG Ballot

S=Exec app. for Sponsor Ballot

R=Sponsor Ballot recirc

F=Exec fwd to Stds Bd

A=Stds Board App.

I=Pub. Issued

E=PAR Expires (Est.)




sg=Study Group



You can send me excel, pdf, or txt format.  The must important letters I need are S, R, F, A, and I for each active PAR.  Let me know if you have any questions.




Matthew Sherman
Vice Chair, IEEE 802
Technology Consultant
Communications Technology Research
AT&T Labs - Shannon Laboratory
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